Just had a quick troll through the eBay results for “dingo bmx” and it looks like there’s still plenty of frames out there. What really struck me is how wide the price range is. I mean it’s just like looking for any product online and comparing prices. My sister has six kids and she is constantly looking for good deals on clothing. This past winter she wanted some Obermeyer childrens ski wear. This is high end stuff. After all it’s a brand loved by both adults and kids. After 60 years of designing and manufacturing top quality ski wear and outdoor clothing, Obermeyer knows how to make great Obermeyer kids jackets, pants and accessories for kids of all ages, from toddler to teen. My sister looks for a sale and buys the Obermeyer childrens ski wear for the oldest kids. Everyone else gets the passed down ski wear. I’m glad I’m not the youngest! Fortunately, Obermeyer ski wear for kids is made with the highest level of design and quality fabrications, so it holds up really well to the rough wear it gets.

So like my sister, I look for great deals, in this case for bike frames etc. Obviously if cost is no object, you can find the perfect solution. These frames really are something special, so paying a bit extra makes sense. On the other hand, anyone short of cash (or second-guessing a sight-unseen purchase) can find a fair number of great deals.

The latter definitely covers me, as I’m still waiting for my home mortgage refinancing to come through. Any day now, right? But that partially means that I can’t see spending more than 75 or 80 bucks on a frame — and I still have my choice of Dingos. How great is that?

After all, I know that I’ll be saving that much money (or more) a month, so I think I could pick one up right now. But truth be told I have my eye on one that’s slightly more expensive, so maybe I’ll wait a bit anyways. It’s not like I’ll be able to do anything with it until the weather gets better…

I remember when I first discovered this bike was so much better than anything else I had ever been on. If you have ever tried one you know what I am talking about. This is one of those things, you know what I am talking about. Those things that you can really tell the difference in quality when you try it out. After a quick comparison in handling & weight as well as the maneuverability you need to do a trick or 2 between any competitors frame you will see exactly what I am talking about. This frame wins out in every category.

When I got my first one I knew that all of the tricks I had been working so hard to accomplish on my regular bike were easily taken care of on this upgrade. It is amazing what the right equipment can do for you when you are trying to accomplish something. My dad always told me there was a “right tool” for every job. He always told me about the value of using that right tool no matter what the job was. I immediately knew just what he had been speaking about. When I got that bad boy home for the first time & really got the chance to open it up, I was amazed. I mean when I was in the store I tried it & I had an idea of the quality but I had no idea it turns out. The bike floated. It was so light & easy to handle I didn’t know where to begin. From that day forward I was instantly better on a bike.