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Russ Cycle Products, Inc.
1234 South Dixie

Well, no luck here either. Russ Cycle Products is still registered, but “currently not active”. Any University students feel like swinging by and knocking on the door? On second though, never mind…I’d hate to think of who might have taken the address; no need to have a college kid come to grief just to track down a defunct bike frame maker. is also up for grabs, so no luck there either. Oh well; some people just get burned out on the intense life of the BMX world, that’s for sure. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many people I’d met one year and never saw the next.

Like that time I was in Clearwater (or was it Dunedin? Maybe somewhere in the middle?) and got to know this really great group of guys for like two months or so; we were all training together. Yeah, as usual I kinda mistook mutual tolerance and fun with actual friendship; I think I heard from one or two of them like once each after it was all over. No biggie though, right…

The thing that really bugs me is that I can no longer even remember where we were. None of the things that I remember are ¬†exactly landmarks. Like the strip club with the ‘pocket Hercules’ or the place where we ate sushi…the Perkins where I heard the New Radicals or the theater where we went to see Phantom Menace and didn’t (what did we see instead?). All I can really remember is the 19 and the¬†Sam Ash where I picked up the cheap acoustic…but that was far enough from our place that it doesn’t help too much…

My younger brother had a pretty common bmx accident. But the family was already heading on a trip for the beach. My mom is really into learning about start up business ventures- she wants to start making baby food along with being a nurse. Anyway, it’s fortunate that our mother was familiar with this medical travel guide, and she booked his procedure at a hospital right by our hotel. He got to heal up while hanging out on the beach watching dolphins! That was great but my brother did end up learning a little something about bikes. They are a serious matter & if you do not respect them they can hurt you. Every one who decides to get into trick riding should take the precautions needed to stay safe. There have been many breakthroughs in safety since my brother had his accident & back then the doctor said if he was suited up in protective gear the accident would likely not have been serious at all.

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