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(You can give that number a try if you like; we haven’t had any luck with it!)

The good news is that there are still a number of Dingo BMX fames out there — new ones, even (as longs as you count frames that have been sitting around unused for several years as “new”). A quick search on eBay will turn up a bunch of great Dingo BMX frames for great prices. I was hoping that the sellers would have some additional information, but on the whole they seem to be struggling with the difference between “there” and “their”, so I don’t expect too much investigative journalism to come from that sector.

This really is good news for the Dingo fans; for less than half of the price of the original frames, you can now pick up one or two spares (or more, if you’re expecting some really hard spills of a big team situation). It would have been cooler if more people had been willing to pay the money when Dingo was still in business, but no sense crying over spilled milk. I’m too much of a bargain hunter to consider this as anything but a happy situation. For instance, when I was looking to get my special lady friend as gift I went to a store and took a look at their jewelry with precious and semi precious stones. She really wanted a diamond something, ring, bracelet, necklace. But hey, diamonds cost a lot. So instead the jeweler suggested I look at rings with cubic zirconia as the gem stone. If your not familiar with cz, (cubic zirconia) it is a synthetic gemstone that very closely resembles diamonds. You’ve seen the ads on TV and in magazines. I’m sure. Cubic zirconia has a startling diamond-like appearance and an inexpensive price tag. Sounded good to me. Cz is crystalline, flawless, and clear enough to rate a “D” on the diamond scale for color, which means it’s better looking than many diamonds. The jeweler said the obvious difference between the cubic zirconia and diamonds to the untrained eye (that’s me), is that cubic zirconia has a higher dispersion rate than diamond. In other words cz jewelry sparkles brilliantly. I didn’t care. End of story…my lady friend loves, loves, loves her cz rings, I saved a bundle, and I looked really good. Too bad getting Dingo BMX fames isn’t as easy.

But the mystery still goes on. How does it? The newest model year shown on the eBay frames seems to be 2002, which would indicate that the company “closed there doors” that year or soon afterward (or before, if the BMX world is more like the auto industry than I think it is). That ties in with the (scant) evidence that we already have about ‘when?’, but it doesn’t say anything about ‘why?’ or ‘what the heck do we do now?’. Lets get on the move. Lets shake this up. Change it up.  So I guess it’s time to pack.

The real problem exists because once these frames are all used up, what will be left over? There will be little to no selection of the frames soon because anyone who knows better is already grabbing them up like hotcakes. Eventually they will all be gone & we will be forced back into a previous state of existence, The pre – Dingo era if you will. What will the landscape look like then? Pretty gloomy if you ask me. Will the be another like the Dingo that rises from the ashes to take the place of the majestic frame we all know & love? I certainly hope so. If you have more detailed information I would love to know what’s up exactly with the situation.

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