Online Gambling

If you’re anything like me, you work hard, play hard, and do a little bit of online gambling in between.

My main interest is poker, especially Texas Hold’em. I’ve been playing on and off since I was a kid but I’ve become more serious over the last few years…coincidentally as the Texas Hold’em craze started hitting everyone else. LOL, isn;t that always the way….anyway, the coolest thing is that I started seriously working on my game in like, ’97 or ’98, and computers just weren’t really up to speed yet.

Anybody who was into computers in the mid-90s will remember that: slow connections (dial-up, mostly) that made the ridiculously slow computers look fast by comparison. I had a state-of-the-art Pentium 133mhz and ruled the computer world LOL. But it wasn’t good enough to play any kind of online poker, or even any online slots at the online casino USA.

Things got a lot better about the time I picked up a DSL modem and a hard drive measured in gigabytes. Coincidentally, that was also the year that a fella named Moneymaker won the WSOP after qualifying online. Now there’s a wake-up call! ¬†Suddenly people and websites were coming out of the woodwork, trying to make some money off of this whole Texas Hold’em thing.

Now, by that point I’d already been playing online poker for a few years (the website and I got better together). But when all of this happened, a lot of other things kinda rolled in on poker’s coattails (or maybe it was just the right time). One of those things was online sportsbooks, and another was online casinos.

The sportsbooks were pretty much a done deal; though I hadn’t really done any sportsbetting before, it took me about 40 seconds to realize that it was perfect for me. And the online slots at the online casinos were great too, for a quick distraction when I had a little extra money left over from my winnings at the sportsbook or the poker room.

The point is that in todays fast paced world I am happy that technology is finally able to satisfy our need for entertainment. That is good because if they are using technology for entertainment it means they have some much better technology hard at work at much more important things like keeping us safe. It is nice to feel like I have at least some security as I head off to work everyday. If I had to think of a facing a world without any type of security I don’t think I would be able to function to the same efficiency, at all. Fact is, technology keeps us safe & let’s us enjoy our freedom. We might as well find the best way to use it for both!

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