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Factory Team Riders

Superclass/A-Pro – Jesse Warmack

Elite Women/Girl Pro & Cruiser – Shelby Russ

18-21 Expert – Eric Simmonds

22-29 Expert – “Wild” Bill Young

40 & Over Women’s Cruiser – Jackie Russ

50-54 Cruiser – Dan “Rocky” Johnson

Factory Support Team

Superclass/A-Pro – Nick Stambaugh
New Carlisle, Ohio

Superclass – Ian Dixon
Durham, United Kingdom

Team Manager – Greg Russ

Dingo BMX Factory Pilot Jesse Warmack

2003 NBL Gator National – Tampa, Florida

Photo Credit: Bill Young”

Okay, this is the most recent thing that we’ve found. The 2003 NBL Gator National is the last reference that we’ve heard about Dingo (other than the significant number of racers to this day who use the product). Our search is made even harder by the fact that (at best) seven years have passed, making this what real detectives would call a ‘cold trail’. Sure, there was plenty of Internet in 2003 (it’s not like it was 1993, or even 1999) but there simply aren’t as many references on the ‘net to businesses that never maintained that much of an Internet presence to begin with.

Anyway, I guess I’m making too big of a deal about it. Dingo isn’t the only company that ever made a great frame. They just happened to be the one that got me to decide that I didn’t ever need to look any further. And I kinda hate looking…

I don’t mean to go off on a rant here, but…this isn’t the first time that I’ve located the perfect solution, after a considerable time spent trying and searching various other options unsuccessfully — only to lose the perfect option immediately. This pattern happens in silly things like TV shows and products at the supermarket  (if I like a flavor, it’s the one that they’re phasing out as we speak), and it happens in more important things like relationships and public policy (oh well, maybe in another four years…)

Over the years I have had many people who felt the same way over their frame that I feel about the Dingo. I have tried a couple on a very limited basis & found that some are very comparable. However, I fully intend to go through as many of the quality frames as I can get online before I have to start looking. I do ride hard. I try to grow as a rider every time that I get on a bike so I have been known to run through a frame or 2 every no & again. I guess over the next few years while I am burning through what I can get my hands on I will pay more attention when somebody it trying to tell me about a frame that has caught their attention. I may be able to find an even better one considering so much time has passed. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t really improve on perfection.

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