Work & Play

When I get up in the morning on the weekdays I know that I have a grueling schedule to maintain. My wife & I have to get the kids up & ready for school. But that is rarely as easy as it sounds. There are so many things that can go wrong in the morning when you have 3 children and a wife who struggles with nausea. It is nearly impossible to get them all ready & out the door on time. My wife will wake up an hour earlier than the rest of us so she can use medical marijuana to keep the stomach wretching at bay. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago, these mornings are even more difficult for all of us, but especially her. When it does happen it is an event worthy of celebration as a matter of fact. After we have them ready & on their way, I can finally start to work on myself. I usually look over some briefs in the morning while I enjoy my coffee. I also try to read the current events with the local news on in the background.

I don’t ever have enough time in the morning it seems & I usually have to chug the second half of my coffee to get the kick I need for the day as I am on my way out the door. I still have traffic to worry about & it is a bit of a commute to get to the office. I work in an office. I am just another cog in the wheel that is the big picture. I do my little part to accomplish the larger task at hand. It seems to me sometimes that my job is so simple that anyone could do it. I don’t feel like I make too much of a difference when it comes right down to it but The money is not too bad. It pays the bills & that is why I got into the work.

I would like one day to be able to leave & open up a business that really makes the kind of difference that I dreamed about as a kid. I know that most people do the same thing. They settle into life & it turns out that it is much different than they imagined as a child. A lot of people wish to change things for themselves so I guess I am not even special when it comes to that. When I get off work I am always so relieved. It seems everyday my work gets a little duller than it used to be. It as always nice for me to go home, I look forward to it all day long.

Some people get off work & they go out with their buddies or go out to the bar. It seems like they can’t stand the life that they have made for themselves. Why would somebody want to spend any more time away from the people they love & cherish than they have to?

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