Work & Play II

I get off of work when all of the work is done. I do not have a set scheduled time to get off in the afternoon. Sometimes, I can get off early after only a 6 or 7 hour day. That is always nice but the truth is that it is very rarely the case. I usually get off later than I would like to not the other way around. Sometimes I have to work well into the evening and sometimes even into the night.

Whatever time it is when I get off, I always let me wife know first thing because she will fix me up something to eat while I am on my way home. I almost always get what she made for the family while I was working but sometimes I get something special that she will make just for me, like a steak. It really does not matter what she makes for dinner, it is delicious. Her cooking like a pro is one of the things I love about her & most definitely a big part of why I married her so young.

On the days that I am off early enough I get to spend the evenings with my kids. I have 2 girls and a boy which I love very much. Although my girls are older, I’ve had a great time raising them with my wife. The younger of the two girls is a very particular about her dress up clothes. I’ve spent lots of money buying princess costumes and accessories for this little lady. I am amazed at the variety of the princess costumes. And then there are the accessories, which are also “must haves”. I don’t even want to think what it’s going to be like when she and her sister are teenagers. Nevertheless, I am always touched with my daughters’ imaginations and ingenuity as they put on faery princess plays for me

I admit that I am delighted our last child is a boy. When he was born I knew at that point I would have someone to teach about the things I love so very much. I have always spoiled him, just like my girls. Every since he was born I have treated him like a little prince (why not I have 2 princesses) and there is very rarely a time when he does not get what he wants. Even with the spoiling he is still a very good young man. I have also tried to instill good manners in all the children as well. Thank goodness none of the kids are spoiled rotten, at least not to my standards.

One of the things that I was very pleased to pass on to him was my love of the BMX. I have always loved riding & stayed in shape on a bike. Now every weekend & evening I get to show my son the tricks. I am always proud when he can pull something new off and the best part is that he has even been able to show me a thing or 2 since he started riding. He is so much younger and in ways he is better than I ever have been. I am excited to see how good he can get in the future. It’s kind of scary how good he could get if he applies himself! And although my two girls are definitely princesses, they also enjoy BMX bikes and look pretty cool riding around the neighborhood while wearing tiaras.They learned pretty early that princess dresses and BMX bikes do not go well together…tiaras on the other hand…….

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